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March Releases

New releases from Cinetiks

Future Dreams 3: Synthwave - ESL-CKPM043

A third foray into the world of synthwave: Future Dreams 3 builds on the dreamy and dramatic cues of the first two albums to provide arguably the most uplifting offering in the series to date. Chock full of retro-futuristic synths, motoring arpeggios, rich synth bass and powerful drum machines, Future Dreams 3 brings a fresh collection of commercial-leaning tracks ready to drop straight into TV productions and advertising alike.

Cyber Dystopia 2 - ESL-CKPM044

An epic exploration into post-rock and sound design, Intrigue: Post-rock Atmospheres delves deeper and darker than any before it. A mix of ethereal organic sound design, synthetic textures and post-rock atmospherics, this collection covers all things dark, gloomy, melancholic, dystopian, ominous, sinister and everything in between. These extensive and expansive cues provide an almost endless array of options for editors to shape and craft them to fit the dynamic and narrative of their productions.