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February Releases

New releases from Cinetiks & Musica Britannica

The Indecision: Give It Up! - ESL-MB035

Irresistibly energetic and contagious tracks in the British ska and rocksteady tradition from young Leeds outfit, The Indecision. Bouncing rhythms, rich horns and engaging male vocals feature throughout this upbeat collection of reggae-infused floor-fillers which lend themselves to advertising and TV production alike, conveying feelings of celebration, party and sunshine.

Sensibility 2: Neoclassical - ESL-CKPM041

Following up on the success of CKPM026 (Sensibility), Sensibility 2: Neoclassical builds on the elegant and majestic productions of its predecessor and gives a more Neoclassical approach. Charismatic, articulate and emotive strings are laced with atmospheric, rich reverbs and in some cases otherworldly organs to give a deep, cinematic aesthetic making this album a great fit for film, TV, documentaries and drama.

Intrigue: Post-Rock Atmospheres - ESL-CKPM042

An epic exploration into post-rock and sound design, Intrigue: Post-rock Atmospheres delves deeper and darker than any before it. A mix of ethereal organic sound design, synthetic textures and post-rock atmospherics, this collection covers all things dark, gloomy, melancholic, dystopian, ominous, sinister and everything in between. These extensive and expansive cues provide an almost endless array of options for editors to shape and craft them to fit the dynamic and narrative of their productions.