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Quality, originality and authenticity - Standard Music Library has a rich and diverse catalogue of music designed exclusively for use in audio-visual productions such as films, ads, TV, films and online – we aim to have a high-quality little bit of something for everything, from orchestral and classical to dubstep, dark atmospherics, exotica, drum n bass, chillout, ambient and jazz, on to World Music and an impressive archive catalogue stretching back to the late 60s.

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We have over 100 albums in the catalogue featuring a cast of composers that includes:

Naim Amor, Zdenek Bartak, Dom Beken & Alex Paterson, Dan Bewick, Phil Binding, Dennis Bovell, Raymond Burley, Michael Chapman, Neil Cowley, Delia Derbyshire, Terry Edwards, Rob Ellis, Brian Eno, Sam Fonteyn, Francis Fumiere, Barry Gilbey, Gordon Giltrap, Jonathan Goldstein, Ron Grainer, Tom Greenwood, Christopher Gunning, Philip Guyler, Derry Hall, Max Harris, Matthew Herbert, Nigel Hess, Brian Hodgson, Laurie Holloway, Si Hulbert, Elliot Ireland & Alex Rizzo, Fabian Jolivet, Denis King, Basil Kirchin, John Kongos, Daniel Lanois, Sven Libaek, Phil Manzanera, George Martin, Janette Mason, Chris McCormack, Elan Mehler, Dudley Moore, Nick Muir, Phil Parnell, Marco Pirroni, Mark Russell, Tony Russell, Ben Salisbury, Tim Saul, Richard Thair, Kirk Thompson, Steven Stapleton, Mike Vickers, Tony Visconti, Laurent Voulzy, Charles Webster and many more…

Our music can be licensed in the UK via PRS for Music at fixed rates or overseas via one of our agents. Please click on the licensing tabs at the top of the page for more details.

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