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Composer Spotlight: Richard Thair

Richard Thair is the founder member and drummer of influential band Red Snapper, who have released albums on Warp Records, Lo Recordings and V2 and continue to tour the world and release music, including sell-out shows in 2017 when they toured their classic 1996 album, Prince Blimey. In 2015 Red Snapper re-scored the soundtrack to experimental African film, ‘Touki Bouki’, a film restored by Martin Scorsese, and accompanied the film across Europe to perform the soundtrack live. More recently Red Snapper’s music was used in acclaimed Belorussian film, ‘Road Movie’. Richard releases experimental electronic music as Petwo Evans and has a new band Number who will release their first album this year. He was the drummer with The Aloof and also worked with Heather Nova, The Sandals, The Beloved and Basement Jaxx. From his studio in South Wales he has written and produced 4 complete albums for Standard and appears on a further 7. We like him!

There is nothing more musical than a sunset